We do lunch!

Something to
suit everyone.

In the Speisesaal, you'll really enjoy your lunch. A sophisticated setting and dishes that not only arrive quickly at your table from the kitchen, but also taste fantastic…
For a business lunch, to meet up with friends or just as a treat.

Breakfast and the tried-and-tested evening experience in the Speisesaal are joined by lunch. Our love of international cuisine is reflected in our menu, allowing your favourite dishes from near and far to tickle your taste buds from Monday to Friday. Like a well-established restaurant and a fashionable hot spot in one. A place where you simply forget time thanks to the good music and the great people.

Food, glorious food

In the Speisesaal, right in the heart of Graz, there's breakfast, lunch menus and dinner from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays, lunch is taken off the menu, to be replaced with rustic, boiled dishes and brunch.

Graz in good company

So if you're looking for an alternative to the usual set menus for lunch, you're in good hands with us. The Speisesaal is the cheeky little monkey of the Graz restaurants. A restaurant that has it all. In good company, exchanging new (business) ideas, you'll get a lot of pleasure from the cuisine and sparkling drinks like fritz-kola, Makava ice tea and Kardamint. Catching up with old friends, good acquaintances and work colleagues who could soon become your friends. At the centre of Graz, you can let the whole experience of Hotel Wiesler melt in your mouth by choosing between two lunch menus. One is always reserved for vegetarians. The other can be meat or fish – but never both.

The restaurant in Graz for just about everything

Anyone who has thrown all their "grand hotel" principles over board and completely renovated over 40 hotel rooms in Graz recently, as Florian Weitzer has, shows a great deal of courage and has a vision for the future. Contact with many imaginative people on numerous travels led him to reinvent himself time and again. The set menus for lunch are also conceived as part of these ingenious ideas, exude a zest for life and are full of surprises every day, time after time. That's the Speisesaal effect.
A lunch break doesn't get any better than this.