The Speisesaal

American Prime Steak, vegan meals, Schnitzel, octopus - and much more the whole day long

81 Points in Falstaff Restaurantguide 2019
The goal was to create an institution that loved both understatement and explosions of flavour. A dash of coolness and a feeling for the international trends was added and voilà: The Speisesaal was born. Every evening, vinyl sounds are played from the restaurant's loudspeakers, and everyone just has a really good time. We serve cosmopolitan delicacies from all over the world with this.

Oh Graz, you lucky devil

What do they love in Graz? Our head chef answers this right from the kitchen: "When guests be amazed from the food", for example with our American Prime Steak. The most-ordered items in our restaurant are the "chefs choice" dishes, which some will even rave about to their grandchildren. We love travelling, and while we're at it, we lasso culinary ideas in international restaurants and pubs, which we then reinterpret and present on our menu. It's a matter of course that even when buying the basic products, we ensure that they're outstanding.

Burge(r)oisie and steak night

Of course, we make sure every day that our burgers and steaks land on a plate at exactly the right time. But our horizon stretches far beyond the American classics. They're joined by beloved classics like the Grand Hôtel Wiesler Caesar Salad or Trout á la Meunière, as well as our special soup creations like Boillabaisse or our spicy pumpkin-coconut soup.

Sweets & drinks

It's not just the food on our menu what's international, but also the drinks. Afri Cola dances with Kardamint - a Styrian stroke of genius - and Starobrno actually gets on really well with Makava from Graz. International guests can be found in our assortment as well. But that's not all – we've also got a sweet side, demonstrated not only by our Tiramisu or Baba au Rhum, but also by our Crema Catalana or other delicacies from our Speisesaal cabinet.
We get things fired up.
Steak tartare. Just proves that not everything has to go on the grill to taste good.
À la carte
Try something special
sounds good
Only the best dishes make it onto the evening programme. For instance, the grilled octopus from the grill and the all-time favourite cheeseburger. Peppered with some rather good tunes.
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