For coffee connoisseurs and
tea timers

Since coffee was brought to Austria by the Turks, we haven't been able to live without it. During the day, the Speisesaal is transformed into a cafe…
serving the best of the beans as an attractive, modern alternative to coffee houses in Graz. From breakfast to Turkish coffee, everything is there to be savoured.

Coffee from all over the world

A good cup of coffee is defined differently by different people. Luckily, we don't have just one preference, but quite a few. Here, it's not enough to just push a button to get your coffee out of a machine. Our search took us all over the world before we truly understood what a good cup of coffee is. And now we serve it, 365 days a year.

A bit of coffee history

Our favourite coffees include real oldies as well as newcomers and all-time classics. Let's start the coffee story at the very beginning. Once upon a time, there was Turkish coffee, the great-grandpa of all coffees. We've trained our staff to prepare it in the kitchen following the original recipe exactly, because for Turkish coffee, all good things come in threes. That's how many times you have to bring it to the boil to achieve the right consistency.

A Scandinavian touch

Then comes the cafetière, also called a Danish coffee press. We bring this right to your table and it provides all the coffee you need for a good gossip. The coffee press was invented back in 1850 in France. After all, the French really do know their stuff. It was then given a smart makeover by the Danish company "Bodum". Now the coffee press is presentable again. At least here in the Speisesaal.

Livin' la vida moka

We wouldn't be a decent coffee house without coffee from an original Italian Moka Express on our menu. The gleaming moka pot is brought to the table, as it was in 1933, when it was invented by Alfonso Bialetti, and is a real delight, especially when accompanied by our cakes. And then there's good old Melitta, who put an end to coffee grounds more than 100 years ago: She simply borrowed some blotting paper from her son and made holes in it. In this way, Melitta Bentz invented the first coffee filter, making coffee a true indulgence.
Some things are best discussed over coffee and cake.
Coffee & cake
What would the one be without
the other?
Our coffees are international. And they get along with each other exceptionally well – with our homemade cakes and everything else in the cake display.
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