A magnificent

That's the way to start your day.

What's the best and healthiest meal of the whole day? Breakfast, of course. You can now start your day with a wonderful breakfast buffet in the Speisesaal…
For the real early birds, we're open from 6:30am. Because this is something worth getting up for.

When the sun's shining and your stomach's grumbling, it must be time for breakfast in the Speisesaal. Just add an exquisite coffee or a perfect cup of tea, and you're already off to a good start. So breakfast is the true hero of every day, and looks set to remain so. Of course, the international flair of the Speisesaal also gives the breakfast buffet real colour.

Time table

In terms of opening times, the Speisesaal is unstinting: from 6:30am till far into the night. Breakfast is served the whole week round until 11am, to avoid a collision with lunch.
Oh, and one more thing: It is available for 18 Euro per Person (for hotel guests).
For all the rest and for coupons it costs 20 Euro.
And as from 11:30am the Speisesaal à la carte menu is waiting for you. You see... you won't starve in our restaurant. ;)
Our honey still comes from a honeycomb.
This is what made Bud Spencer so strong.
Breakfast buffet
Le grand depart
Buffet breakfast Monday to Friday from 6:30am to 11am.
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