Grieskai 4-8, Graz
MO-SO 6:30am-1:00am
The Speisesaal is where international cuisine can be enjoyed to the finest soul music. Every day, from early morning until late at night. Right in the very centre of Graz.
Breakfast orders are taken from 6:30 until 11:00 a.m. In German, English or in Viennese, if you prefer. And at weekends feel free to turn breakfast into brunch.
Lunchtime is for eating. In the Speisesaal we serve two set menus every day. Available as long as supplies last.
Every afternoon we like to celebrate international coffee culture - from Turkish coffee to Melange, together with delights from the cake display.

with soul & street art

We start serving our lunch specials and dishes from the à la carte menu daily at 11.30 a.m.
New on the menu is our Magic Chocolate Ball! How it looks like? Continue here…

We love long days, we love short days. That's why our Speisesaal in Graz is open 365 days a year…
Of course, there's been good food with soul music in the heart of Graz since 2010, but now the evening's got some company: breakfast, brunch und lunch.

A local legend

The Speisesaal is not just there for hotel guests, but also for the Graz locals. We're bringing a pinch of "international" with a dash of "cosmopolitan" to the River Mur. What do we mean by that? On our menu, there's a argentinean Syrah-Reserva red wine alongside with the korean Bulgogi with beef, which you could choose to have with an Malvazija from Croatia or a fine Schneeweiße beer from Schladming. We're bringing the whole wide world to Graz and putting all our favourite dishes from the seven continents onto one menu. We're matchmakers: Buffalo Chicken Popcorn or "everybody's darling" Falafel with baked vanilla ice cream in strudel dough. Three courses, three continents? No problem!

Food with real soul

When Florian Weitzer removed the "Grand" from Hotel Wiesler, the time was ripe for a new Speisesaal. The extraordinary design and interior add a definite wow factor to the Speisesaal when you see it for the first time. Speaking of splendour: The wall art was created by the young artist Josef Wurm, and has now practically become one of the sights in Graz. It's not just the lady on the wall that's cool – the music too. In fact with suitable track lists dependent on the daytime (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Food from early till late

Once upon a time, also brunch came to Hotel Wiesler: Now we're there for our guests around the clock. On weekdays, hunger is sated at the buffet or with breakfast à la carte, and on Sundays we offer a stylish (Soul) brunch! And after breakfast comes lunch: Every (week)day you can meet in the Speisesaal for lunch, in-between breakfast and coffee & cake. Two daily dishes to choose from is a real treat for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. And the saucepans in the kitchen keep sizzling away until 11 pm - Bon appétit!
As a side dish try the soul. Evening
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A good day doesn't have to start in the Speisesaal. But it usually does.
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International dishes are our speciality. The soft beats are on the house.
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